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The 3200sqm block where 130,000 plants grew in one year

The growing Mackay Natural Environment Centre (MNEC) is driving a herculean revegetation movement that is greening our region.

More than 130,000 plants were grown last financial year alone at the council-operated Swayne Street facility. And 100,000 of those are earmarked for the massive Ferris Gulley landscaping project…

Safe option to take care of unwanted weeds

RECENTLY, there has been a growing awareness of the hidden costs and dangers around the widespread use of chemical herbicides and their effect on human health, the health of our waterways and our coral Reef.

Until now, there has been few services available to homeowners who require an alternative to those harmful chemical herbicides.  Blue Hand Steam is now servicing to meet this…

Crazy ants to be steamed out of infestations with new technology

STEAM could be the latest secret weapon in the war against yellow crazy ants in the Wet Tropics’ rainforests.

Kuranda-based business Blue Hand Steam is expected to trial saturated steam weeding technology on the acid-spraying ants in the rainforest community this weekend…


Everything that we do on the land affects our waterways so chemicals that we use eventually find their way into the ocean.

Even very low levels of herbicides can adversely effect the health of marine and aquatic plants and animals.

They also pose a health threat to humans.Glyphosphate formulations (Round-Up is the best known) have been…