The Technology

The Technology

The Steam Wand range uses saturated steam patented technology to deliver an effective weed control solution for your landscape

How does saturated steam technology destroy the soft tissue of weeds on contact ?

The Steamwand system uses water; super heated under pressure in a diesel fired boiler, pumped through a delivery hose to an innovative de-pressurising /restriction nozzle. The nozzle has the effect of maintaining the pressure in the boiler allowing super heating before depressurising and “exploding” the water into saturated steam and superheated water at atmospheric pressure.

Thermal shock at >98°C has been proven to be more effective than delivery of lethal heat at lower temperatures. Delivery temperatures range from 98°C to 110°, with a soil penetration of up to 5mm.   The combination of saturated steam and boiling water creates a sudden increase in the temperature of the water within the plant’s cells causing them to rapidly expand and rupture destroying the cell wall, an effect known as plasmolysis.

This high-temperature effect is known as thermal shock causes immediate cell wall and soft tissue destruction, the weeds then wilt and die off within 1-3 days .