Steam weeding for Property and Landscape maintenance contractors

Are you interested to add steam weeding to your service offering ?

If  you’re  an  innovative  property  maintenance  professional  who  likes  to  stay  ahead  of  the  curve,  then you must  be  on the  lookout  for  environmentally  friendly  tools  to  replace  end-of-life technologies.  Reduce the impact of  the eight  hidden  costs  of  chemical  weed  control  for  your  customers  by  implementing  steam  technology today.

Environmentally-responsible organisations across the country are switching to weed eradication that:


✓ Is chemical free;
✓ Is safe to use around sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, wildlife habitats;
✓ Has no spray drift;
✓ Does not harm operators;
✓ Can be effectively operated in all weather conditions;
✓ Reduces the amount of complaints from residents; and
✓ Complies with state regulations.

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