Interested In a Pilot Programme?

Blue Hand Steam is offering Pilot Programs so you can trial the effectiveness of the steam weeding system for your facility, business or organisation’s weeding requirements and determine the comparative costs.


Participate in a pilot

Deciding to move away from chemical weed control is an important step. But it can be difficult to know what non-chemical alternatives suit your requirements the best. So, the best way to understand what you really need is to try it out for yourself.

Experience how chemical-free, thermal weed control can meet the specific weeding requirements for your situation and for your environment.

Steam weeding agriculture

With a Pilot Programme, you’ll be able to put our ground-breaking SteamWand range to the test in your own weeding environment. You will be able to:


  1. Assess the efficacy of the steam weeding system of non-chemical weed control in a number geographic locations and terrains over a 3 to 12 month period;

  2. Determine the comparative cost of steam weeding against other means of weed control;

  3. Assess the value of any other benefits that the pilot scheme provides, i.e. biodiversity, sustainability, clean waters, reduction of chemical application complaints administration, positive PR, reduced Public Liability exposure, improved health, and safety

Experience what more than 80 clients across Australia enjoy:


  • Dramatic improvements to compliance of state regulations;
  • Huge administration savings as complaints have dropped with the reduction of chemical sprays;
  • Increased positive public relations and media exposure; and
  • Improved OHS standards for workers.

Experience the benefits of chemical-free weed control to your community, your farm, your commercial property, your facility first hand? Participate in one of our pilot programs, and we’ll guarantee the outcomes listed above or give us a call on  07 4076 3069 to learn more.