Hire Package

Are you a farmer or landcare organisation and like to trial the equipment

using your own staff ?  A hire package may be a low-cost option for you

to trial the technology yourself.

The hire package is an additional option we have created for qualified applicants and consists of a pre-paid commitment to a self-operated trial of the Steam weed unit over a minimum of 6 sessions in order to ensure that a sufficient repetition of consecutive applications has been administered so that the steam unit is utilised effectively and the results are achieved.

During the initial application, the dormant seed bank in the soil will either be denatured or otherwise germinate. It is in the following applications that the existing seed-bank is destroyed resulting in fewer and fewer re-emerging weeds over time.

The hire package was developed particularly with farmers and landcare groups in mind. Please contact us for more details or give us a call on  07 4076 3069 to see if you qualify.