Field Days

Upcoming Field Days in the Cairns and Tablelands region.


Coming soon – The largest steam unit yet, the SW3800KD will be coming to North Queensland in early 2019.
Register your interest for our upcoming Field Day in the Tablelands region where we will demonstrate how steam can be effectively used in commercial-scale orchards to control weeds.

We invite you to attend on of our upcoming Field days to learn about saturated Steam Technology. Steam Weeding units designed and developed in Australia have been successfully used by councils, land care groups, nurseries, maintenance contractors and farmers for over 15 years.


  • Are you looking for a solution to the problems associated with chemical weed control ?
  • Have you had enough of the risks to posed to human health, the health of your farm and the adverse implications for the surrounding environment ?
  • With saturated steam weeding technology you can minimise or eliminate the need to continually buy more herbicides to control your weeds.
Are you a farmer interested in a safe effective weed control solution ?
Are you a Local Council Manager, Commercial Property Manager, Landscape Contractor, or responsible person for a business or school ?
Are you a Landcare manager, team member, or responsible person in charge of bush regeneration areas and wish to ensure the safety of volunteers, staff and the environment ?