Steam weeding

An environmentally friendly chemical free weed management solution

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Blue Hand Steam brings saturated steam weeding, the latest advance in innovative cutting edge technology to control weeds.

Are you concerned about the use of chemicals to control weeds ?

How do they affect the safety of children, pets, livestock and the food you eat ?

                The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer recently came to the conclusion:

“That the most widely used herbicides are probably carcinogenic.”

The opportunity now exists to minimise or even eliminate the use of harmful herbicides that are endangering both human health and the health of our environment, fulfilling our social responsibility to protect our children, the animals and plants on our precious earth ensuring a safe environment for all life.

The SteamWand SW range of steam weeding units is ideal for weed control in urban streetscapes, parks, playgrounds, schools as well as in agriculture and horticulture.



Steam weeding is a completely organic and chemical free solution to controlling weeds. With no danger to people or the environment and no potential for harmful spray drift.

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Can be used around playgrounds, schools, parks and waterways, nursing homes, hospitals, daycare centres, shopping centres, cafes, nature reserves, wildlife habitats, farms, walking trails and footpaths.

Cost Effective


Our steam weeding equipment uses a patented saturated steam technology which is highly effective in eradicating weeds. It is the quickest and most affordable organic system of weed control.

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Delivering a combination of saturated steam and boiling water at >98 degrees celsius creates a high-temperature effect known as thermal shock  which causes immediate cell wall and soft tissue destruction.

Steam weeding also has the potential of becoming more effective over time as the initial applications germinate residual weed seed banks and subsequently destroy them reducing the number of weed species present.



Steam weeding is truly sustainable in the long term. It represents a paradigm shift towards an ecologically sound future without causing harm to people or the environment.

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As guardians and caretakers of this wonderful region of Far North Queensland which comprises large tracts of world heritage areas we can now better ensure the integrity of this land and sea for future generations.

Introducing the product range into the Canadian urban weed control market a few years ago Weedtechnics, the developer of the Steam Wand Units put together this promotional video showing the key features and benefits of the saturated steam weeding system.